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LOKPA - Accurate, Predictive & Artificial Intelligent Software for Indian Stellar Astrology

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Compatible with Windows 11

Launched Worldwide on 25th Sept 2018

Astrologer's Predictive Assistant for Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP) Astrology

New Version 1.2 Launched Worldwide on 8th Mar 2019

Unique Features

1. Software finds the Promise of any Event in a birth chart or horary (Prashna) chart. You can make your own rules, edit them, or create new rules for testing. No coding knowledge is required. Based on your selection, LOKPA will tell you whether the event is promised in the chart or not.

2. Software gets the List of  House Significators of events correctly through original KSK 4 fold, 6 fold and JC Luthra style. The software uses its intelligence to find out the correct significators for the houses or events chosen by you.

3. If an event is promised, then software gets the List of Fruitful Significators for the desired event based on RP method, original KSK rule and new stellar "step theories". The software uses artificial intelligence algorithms (master minded by KP astrology Guru and world-famous astrologer Dr. Andrew Dutta) that identifies the most fruitful and result giving significator planets accurately.

4. Software identifies the Correct Dasa-Bhukti-Anthra (Pratyantara) leading to the date range for the event under judgement. The software calculates this for you by using specialized algorithms. There is now no confusion and fear of failure. You get the right DBA to pick up the correct date

5. Software finds the correct date or dates through Transit Hits with original KSK transit rules, Dr. Andrew's Rule of Three transit rules and with the help of high power transit hit engine through artificial intelligence where you choose your own rule. Use also for Research in KP.

6. Know the Houses, Signs and Planets for any word through in built Dictionary with more than 87000 words.  Also you can add your own words and assign them to any houses, signs or planets. Now there is no need for any rule book ! World's largest Keyword Integrated Software.

7. Get the meaning of Planet and House Significator ABCD numbers FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF KP ASTROLOGY through Artificial Intelligence. What does a planet, say Mercury, occupied in Gemini sign indicate signifying houses 3,6, 1, 7 in ABCD?? Now, LOKPA will answer it accurately.

8. More than 2000 Astrological technical terms are explained in the Knowledge Base section. Just type in your search word like 'Almuten' or 'Antiscia' or any technical word and get the best technical answer. No software in India provides this.

9. Find Profession and Disease with Artificial Intelligence combination search on the Birth and Horary Chart. FIRST TIME EVER IN ANY SOFTWARE IN THE WORLD !!

10. Best Interpretive pop-up text box for Planets in Signs, Houses, Degrees, Nakshatras, Western Aspects and House Cusps. FIRST EVER IN ANY SOFTWARE IN THE WORLD. Now service your clients face to face without spending huge time on analysis. Give on the spot interpretation and see them getting surprised. Accurate spot interpretations.

11. AstroDatabank original 60000+ charts with full details built into the software for search and doing real astrology research without internet connection or visit to any website. Now freely do any search and research on anything of astrology that you wish directly on your computer.

12.  Free Tutorial Videos to operate LOKPA software. The software will come with detailed tutorial videos  by Dr. Andrew Dutta on how to operate the software and use various intelligent features. You can start using the software right from the first day of installation and become an excellent professional KP astrologer.

13. Life time updates FREE and discounted Upgrades. Once you buy this software, all updates for a particular version is FREE for the life time. You dont need to pay anything for all the updates that we will provide you free of cost. For all subsequent version upgrades, you will be getting huge discount to upgrade your software.

All these unique features can be operated by the software with simple mouse clicks. No coding skills, no harassment.


Only simple mouse clicks---get accurate KP astrology prediction !

Forget your old software needing your coding skills.


Life Time Update FREE

Future Upgrades at Heavy Discounts for existing buyers

Our software will display completely wrong results if any pirated version or wrong License Key is used.  There are no other sellers, franchisees or licensees other than us to sell this software. Piracy is a criminal offence.

High Quality Points

  • In -built Swiss Ephemeris for highest accuracy with genuine Astrodienst coding library for chart calculation. 100% accurate output.
  • Database Place Atlas with 360000 accurate and updated place data with most current Time Zone updated atlas as on 2018. Most accurate and largest atlas in the world.
  • Option of True Chitrapaksha Ayanamsha available. This Ayanamsha is based purely on Astronomical factors, was used by most ancient astrologers, and is highly accurate.
  • Precise & flawless House Division calculations with Placidus, Topocentric, Equal House Division, Sripati and more.
  • Artificial Intelligence Algorithms by Master KP Guru--Dr Andrew Dutta, PhD in Management.
  • Search Over 414 KP Astrology tested and researched Rules of KSK and Dr. Dutta and still create your own innumerable rules with mouse clicks. NO CODING NEEDED.
  • Find astrological Sign, House and Planet indicators for over 87000 terms--Largest astrological encyclopaedia in the world !!
  • Best interpretive text box pop-up for Planets in Signs, Houses, Aspects, Cuspal Degrees, Nakshatras and largest Astrological Dictionary
  • Quick Licensing with 48 hours by email
  • Smooth User Interface with Themes and theme customization possible
  • Auto resolution according to your computer.
  • FREE Technical Support on ALL business days by email, remote assistance and phone.