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The finest Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP) Astrology software in the world with Artificial Intelligence

finest Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP) Astrology software

Astrologer’s predictive assistant for KP system astrology with Artificial Intelligence driven predictive output. First software in KP jyotish to make automated prediction.

Unique Software Features

Simple mouse clicks and then get accurate predictions.

No confusion. Simple Operation.

  1. Initially, the software identifies any event’s Promise in a birth chart or horary chart. Additionally, you can set your rules or tweak existing ones. No coding savvy? No worries. LOKPA, based on your choice, will clarify if the event is charted.
  2. Secondly, the software fetches the list of House Significators correctly. It uses styles like KSK 4 fold, 6 fold, and JC Luthra. Then, it smartly selects the right significators you’ve chosen.
  3. When an event is promised, the software pulls the Fruitful Significators list. It’s based on methods like the RP, original KSK, and the new “step theories”. Impressively, AI, crafted by Dr. Andrew Dutta, pinpoints the most effective planets.
  4. Furthermore, the software pinpoints the right Dasa-Bhukti-Anthra for an event’s date range. After that, it uses unique algorithms to make it easy for you. So, there’s no more guessing. You get accurate dates.
  5. Also, it determines dates through Transit Hits using various rules, including Dr. Andrew’s. Moreover, there’s an AI-powered transit hit engine where you pick the rule. Great for KP research!
  6. Want to know Houses, Signs, and Planets for words? The built-in dictionary has over 87,000 words. Plus, add your terms. No need for rule books! It’s the largest keyword software out there.
  7. For the first time, understand Planet and House Significator numbers through AI. Wondering about Mercury in Gemini? LOKPA provides clear answers.
  8. Interestingly, over 2000 astrological terms are in the Knowledge Base. Simply type a term and get clear answers. Uniquely, no other Indian software offers this.
  9. Excitingly, find Professions and Diseases with AI on birth and horary charts. A global first!
  10. There’s also a unique interpretive box for various astrological aspects. Now, directly engage clients. Deliver instant, accurate interpretations.
  11. Notably, the AstroDatabank has over 60,000 charts. Without needing the internet, research any astrological topic on your PC.
  12. Moreover, there are free LOKPA tutorial videos. Dr. Andrew Dutta guides you. So, master the software from day one and elevate your astrological skills.
  13. Lastly, enjoy free lifetime updates and discounted upgrades. Once purchased, all updates for that version are free. And for newer versions, expect significant discounts.
  14. All these unique features can be operated by the software with simple mouse clicks. No coding skills, no harassment.

High Quality Points of LOKPA Software

  • In -built Swiss Ephemeris for highest accuracy with genuine Astrodienst coding library for chart calculation. 100% accurate output.
  • Database Place Atlas with 360000 accurate and updated place data with most current Time Zone updated atlas as on 2018. Most accurate and largest atlas in the world.
  • Option of True Chitrapaksha Ayanamsha available. This Ayanamsha is based purely on Astronomical factors, was used by most ancient astrologers, and is highly accurate.
  • Precise & flawless House Division calculations with Placidus, Topocentric, Equal House Division, Sripati and more.
  • Artificial Intelligence Algorithms by Master KP Guru–Dr Andrew Dutta, PhD in Management.
  • Search Over 414 KP Astrology tested and researched Rules of KSK and Dr. Dutta and still create your own innumerable rules with mouse clicks. NO CODING NEEDED.
  • Find astrological Sign, House and Planet indicators for over 87000 terms–Largest astrological encyclopaedia in the world !!
  • Best interpretive text box pop-up for Planets in Signs, Houses, Aspects, Cuspal Degrees, Nakshatras and largest Astrological Dictionary
  • Quick Licensing with 48 hours by email
  • Smooth User Interface with Themes and theme customization possible
  • Auto resolution according to your computer.

LOKPA produces wrong results and wrong prediction if any pirated version is used or a wrong license key is entered

Life Time Update FREE

Future Upgrades at Heavy Discounts for existing buyers

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