Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this a free software?

No. This is a paid software for professional astrologers and serious learners of KP system astrology. See the Price here

2. Can I get a demo version of this software?

This software is not available in any form of demo mode or evaluation mode in order to stop piracy. You can see the screenshots here. Also demo videos are provided here.

3. What is the licensing procedure and system requirements?

Licensing process is very easy. Within 24 hours of your software purchase and Customer Form submission, we will generate the license key for you and send you an email to your registered email id with all instructions. For the system requirements of this software, please see this page.

3A. What if my computer crashes or I have to format my computer/hard drive and reinstall again , then again I have to send for activation code or previous code will work will there be any charge for reactivation code?

If your computer hard drive crashes, then there is no way to recover any data and so you lose your data as well as LOKPA software. Its a big loss for you and we cannot do anything. However, if can access your hard drive in Safe Mode, then you should uninstall LOKPA software with the internet connection kept on so that the license is released for reuse. 

You can then reinstall LOKPA again on your new system with internet on and use the same license key that we provided you earlier. However, if your old computer is damaged for some reason or is stolen, you can send us the scanned of the authorized service center bill or invoice or FIR copy of the police (for stolen) by email and we will issue you a new license at a nominal rate of INR 3000 or USD 50. Please note, this is at the sole discretion of Bhagyaratna Foundation.

3B.  Or if I buy a new computer then will I have to buy a license again?

If you buy a new computer, or want to replace your  old computer then you must first uninstall LOKPA from the old system by following the procedure given in 3A above. Once you uninstall from your old system, please email us and we will confirm the license release. Thereafter, we will install the software in your new system via Anydesk. But if you do not want to do it for some reason then you need to buy a new license for LOKPA from us. We will provide you a new license key for your new machine and LOKPA will work in your new machine thereafter. 

4. How is this software different from other softwares in the market which gives KP astrology calculations?

This software is not a number spitting software that provides tables and tables of output that confuses the user. LOKPA is a highly user-friendly software that helps the user to do very beautiful and accurate KP system astrology by helping the user arrive at the right conclusion in every step of KP system jyotish. It is based on original Krishnamurti Paddhati teachings of KS Krishnamurti and Dr. Andrew Dutta’s learning directly from PVK Punnerswara Rao ji of direct gharana of late KS Krishnamurti ji.

LOKPA also does not give ‘book-fed” report outputs as like many commercial software. LOKPA gives you the KP astrology prediction by helping you to find the event rules, promise of the event, significators, fruitful significators, Dasa-Bhukti etc. timing, and Transit hit based dates. It is basically your KP astrology assistant. See Q8 below.

5. My old KP astrology software requires me to have coding skills. Do I need to know any coding?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. LOKPA software is just mouse click software. Everything is automated and within few mouse clicks you will get guided to the correct prediction of KP with probable dates.

6. My old KP software does not give me any ability to customize my own requirement. Can I do this here?

ABSOLUTELY YES !! This software is built with default preset settings of Original KSK settings, New KP settings, Dr. Andrew Settings, and different “Step” theory methods Settings. PLUS you can completely tailor-make you own settings as per your own choice and belief. You will not be dominated by the developer or creator’s belief as to what is KP and what is not KP.

7. What forms of KP astrology can I do with this software?

You can do original KP system astrology as taught by KSK with three steps, you can do advanced KP stellar theories that uses more than 3 steps and also new theories that use between 3 and 4 steps such as Empty House treatment, Untenanted Planet treatment, Special KP Aspects and different treatments for Rahu-Ketu. There are many other options in the software where you can mix and match various options to suit your purpose and belief in a system of prediction. In later versions we will also add many more methods of stellar astrology.

8. Can I get automated predictions with this software?

YES !! This is the first ever KP astrology stellar system software where you can Find the Promise of an Event, Select, edit and Create Events, Find the Significators events, Find Fruitful Significators in many options ways, Check for delivery of Events in Dasa Bhukti Anthra, Get Transits hits in the most comprehensive way and Get Dates of Events fructification. All these with the help of simple mouse clicks only !! No need for you to learn any coding language.

9. If I don’t want automated prediction, can I get normal output of stellar systems and KP system astrology?

OF COURSE !! This software contains most accurate standard outputs of KP and stellar astrology such as 4 Fold Significator Table, 6 Fold Significator Table, JC Luthra Significator Table. Plus you can see Aspecting, Aspected and Conjunction Planets in the table itself !! No software shows this.

10. What about special consideration of Nodes Rahu and Ketu?

This software allows you to choose options for showing planets conjoined with, aspecting, signlord and starlord of Rahu and Ketu. This option is available for Ruling Planets, Significators, as well as during DBA checking. You can switch on or off this feature whenever you want.

11. Can I do Horary or Prashna astrology with LOKPA?

YES !! You can do Horary for 1-249 system, 1-2193 system, Time Horary and also instant Theory of Short Prediction TSP invented by late KR Kar with special treatment of nodes and retrogrades which no other software provides.

12. I want to buy 2 licenses. Can I do it? Will I get any discount?

YES !! If you buy 2 licenses in a single transaction, you will get 20% discount on the second license. Please contact us before buying two licenses.

13. In which languages Light of KP Astrology software is available?

LOKPA is available in 6 Languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Bengali. The default language is English and during installation of the software you will be asked to choose one more additional language of your choice. So, your software will have two running languages.

 14. Which version of Windows operating system is LOKPA compatible with?

LOKPA is compatible with all versions above Windows XP such as Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 in both 32 bit as well as 64 bit architecture. Windows 11 has also been found to be compatible with LOKPA software. See full System Specifications here.

 15. Is it possible to download a demo of this software online or by CD/DVD?

No, there is no demo software available online or offline because demo softwares are used for piracy. We also do not provide any demo CD/DVD. To know about the Features of this new version click here.

16.  Is there a dongle key coming with the software?

No. Dongles are outdated. We dont send any dongle key to run the software. Many software makers in the market sell software with dongle keys, but if you lose the dongle key, you will have to again buy the software. It is easy to lose your dongle key than your entire computer. Your software will be licensed with your machine.

17. How will I get the License after purchasing?

As soon as you buy LOKPA software and fill up the Customer Form, we will provide you the license key to your registered email ID within 24 hours.

 18. My computer has crashed. I have formatted my computer. Can I reinstall my software?

YES YOU CAN. You will have to inform us by email to support[at]bestkpastrologysoftware.com We will reset your license information and you will have to use the same information as before and re-register the software on the same re-formatted machine. But remember, if any required information is missing or wrong, the software will fail to register. You must reinstall the software on the same PC which crashed and recovered. Trying to install it on another machine will not get the software registered. A single license is for a single machine with hardware ID embedded in the license key. This reset will be for one time only.

 19. I have purchased/exchanged a new laptop/desktop. Can I use my old license for installing LOKPA on this new machine?

LOKPA license is machine specific. If you are not going to use LOKPA in your old system, then first we will delicense it and then relicense it on your new system. One license is valid for one machine only. If you want to install it on more than one machine SIMULTANEOUSLY you will need to buy separate licenses for each machine on which you want to install. See the Price page for a multi license details.

20. Is there any tutorial for the new LOKPA software?

Yes. Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) has done elaborate free videos on how to use the new software and its different functionality. These videos are sent free of cost along with the software DVD. You can watch them on your PC or laptop. Apart from this, there is Help file in the software that explains all the features of the software. Also as and when new software tutorial videos will be made by Dr. Dutta, the same will be sent free of cost to the registered by by email.

21. I am an existing buyer of Dr. Andrew’s video courses. Is there any Discount on this software for me?

There is only EARLY BIRD discount from 15th Aug 2018 to 15th Sep 2018. After this period ,there is no discount on this new software. Whether or not you are our existing buyer of video courses of Dr. Andrew Dutta, there is no additional or special discount on this software. See the current price here.

 22. If I cannot use this software will I get any guidance and tutoring how to use this software to make predictions?

Yes, this will be included as part of the video tutorials with the software DVD. Apart from the Help File and Dr. Andrew Dutta free tutorial videos, we do not provide any learning help with this software. However, if you have any doubts or clarifications how to use the software, you can email us at support[at]bestkpastrologysoftware.com If you want to learn KP Astrology based prediction and methods, you can visit the site http://www.kpastrologylearning.com to buy world famous video courses of Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) and teach yourself accurate and authentic KP astrology.

Still have more questions? Please feel free to call us at+91 977 7285 175 on business days 10 am to 5 pm Indian Std. Time or write to sales[at]kpastrologysoftware.com


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