Software Features in Details

lokpa Software Features in Details

KP Software Features based on Artificial Intelligence

Light of KP Astrology is an end to end software solution for KP system astrology. It is based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. The intelligent predictive output shown by LOKPA is depended upon the choices that you make in the software.

There are more than 80+ set of features, sub-features and micro-features built into the software. These are FAR BEYOND ordinary calculation tools found in the present day market.

These are years of research of late K.S. Krishnamurti ji and also of Dr. Andrew Dutta. Andrew ji has put in the great teachings that he has received from his great Guru ji’s like PVK Punneswar Rao ji. Rao guruji is directly from the KSK Parampara and famous Kolkata astrologer Jyotiryogi ji.


Our software will display completely wrong results if any pirated version or wrong License Key is used. 

Basic Features

All features are customizable by the user with simple mouse clicks. No coding skill required.

  1. Birth Data Entry Module with Date, Time, Place [Atlas Lookup], Gender, Prashna (249, 2193), Client Gothra, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Email ID, Phone No.
  2. KP Chart Styles – North style, South, Eastern (Bengali/Oriya) and Circular (Western)
  3. 9 planets, 3 outer planets, Pars Fortuna, Create Arabic Part Formula with any 3 planets
  4. 5 Asteroids options in the chart for Western astrologers.
  5. House Division Methods– Placidus, Topocentric, Koch, Regiomontanus, Equal (Bhava Madhya), Equal (Bhava Beginning), Sripati
  6. Ayanamsa – KP Old, KP new, Lahiri, Raman, Zero Ayanamsa (Tropical), Fagan-Bradley, True Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa
  7. Zodiac systems – Sidereal, Tropical, Heliocentric
  8. Languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali (Choose one more language during Installation apart from English)
  9. Most updated Atlas, with Modify Places Data, most updated database having total 360000+ places with Add Location feature. You can add any places you want into the software place database. All Time Zone information is updated upto 2018. [Still some KP softwares sold at high price show Bokaro in Jharkhand of India as belonging to Bihar. This shows how outdated are those software databases]
  10. Nodes – True, Mean
  11. Integrated Ruling Planets Module showing Basic and Extended RPs with Nodes RP accurately analysed with multiple RP options.
  12. Significators – Planet Table with Sign-Star-Sub-Subsub and Occupied- Owned, Aspected, Aspecting, Conjunction, CSL/CStL. Tab allowing the column to appear or hide.
  13. Significators – House Table with Sign-Star-Sub-Subsub and Planet Occupied, Owned, Aspected, Aspecting, Conjunction, CSL/CStL. Tab allowing the column to appear or hide.
  14. Tenanted Planet, Untenanted Planet, and Self-Star Planet notations  and Empty House notation that are easy to understand and remember.
  15. Vimshottari and Ashtottari Dasa-Bhukti-Anthra spread-out with options of setting number days for a year. Do research in KP with Ashtottari Dasa–first ever in any software.
  16. Pop-up interpretation box for Planet in signs and Planet in Houses on mouse click on planets
  17. Pop-Up interpretation box for degrees of the Ascendant and the Planets.
  18. Chart database management. Find, save and access charts with ease and smoothness.
  19. Save charts with specific settings and email chart files to friends having this software and they open the chart with the same settings–First ever in any software.
  20. Note Writing Pad for predictions and anything you want to jot down.
  21. Astrologer’s Information
  22. Printing to PDF, Word with Report Output options—Compressed, Detailed, Chart Type, Dasa breakup.
  23. Screen Resolutions setting –default 1080X720 with options upto 1920. Choose your resolution according to your computer system. 

Advanced Features

All features are customizable by the user with simple mouse click option.

  1. Software automatically adjusts screen display based on computer default resolution.
  2. Pop-up side box for Planet, Star, Sub—Occupied, Owned, Aspected, Aspecting, Retrograde, Tenanted, Untenanted, Self Star.
    1. Table Display Options (both for Planets and Bhava Significators)
    2. Original KP style
    3. ABCD Style
    4. JC Luthra Style
    5. 6 Fold Style
    6. 4 Step Theory Style
  3. Special Signification of Node: Aspects, Conjunction, Signlord, Starlord with options to prioritize and select which ones to be considered by the software. Do advanced stellar “4 STEP & 3.5 STEP” THEORIES with ease with options for customizing tentanted and untenanted planets and empty houses.
  4. House Rotation
    1. With House Number option field
    2. With exact Deg-Min-Sec field
  5. Table of Aspects
    1. Indian aspect system
    2. Western aspect system with Interpretive text pop-up box
    3. Special KP aspects used in modern stellar theories [used in Three and a Half Step Theory]
    4. Option to modify aspect set, orbs as you wish. Not found in any Indian KP astrology software.
  6. Adjust birth time and see chart changes live happening in front of you.
  7. Sun & Moon Rising and Setting Time for the location of choice.
  8. Birth Time Rectification Tool
    1. Gender Based
    2. Original RP based on KSK method
    3. Dr. Andrew Dutta’s Rule of Origin

Professional Predictive Features of LOKPA (based on Artificial Intelligence)

These features will help you to make accurate prediction using the time tested and authentic KSK parampara rules with simple mouse clicks in a step by step manner. These features are heavily built upon Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, for the first time in the history of KP system astrology.

  1. Ascendant Movements In Signs Stars and Subs within a date and time range. Precise finding of transition of the Ascendant into small divisions of the zodiac.
  2. Ruling Planet Progressions and Changes during a date, place and time range
  3. Event List showing Main House and Secondary Houses for over 414 tested events of Dr. Andrew Dutta. Directory of Events already built into the software. NO NEED FOR ANY KP RULE BOOK.
  4. Event Search Box showing Main and Secondary Houses.
  5. Create and Edit, Modify Events as per your choice and formula using Main House, Supporting House, Negating Houses, and Planets to make a very comprehensive Event Rule testing. No coding required. Simple mouse clicks and choices.
  6. Let the software tell you the Profession and Disease OF ANY CHART through Artificial Intelligence enabled module for any chart. FIRST TIME EVER IN ANY SOFTWARE.
  7. Combination Finder: Find the Houses, Planets, Signs that match for any word of your choice with more than 52000 !! words built into dictionary into the software. No need for any rulebooks.
  8. Astrology Knowledge Base of more 2000 astrological technical terms with simple search finder.
  9. Software tells you the Promise of an Event in a Birth Chart or Horary chart and boldy predict. Software helps you to confirm whether the event is promised or not. FIRST TIME EVER ANY SOFTWARE DOING THIS. 
  10. Software finds the Promise of an Event with Original KSK Method or modern stellar theory methods.
  11. Software will check the Reflection of Mind in any KP Horary 1-249 method.
  12. Software will find out Purnaphoo yoga as propounded by late KSK and will also check for its cancellation automatically.
  13. Find and decide Significators of events for the desired event under judgement. FIRST TIME EVER ANY SOFTWARE DOING THIS.
  14. Get the most accurate Fruitful Significators list. No more confusion. No conflicting theories. FIRST TIME EVER ANY SOFTWARE DOING THIS.
  15. Find Fruitful Significators in: a) Using traditional Ruling Planets method b) Original KP formula 3 Tier method c) Modern stellar theory method 4 Step and 3.5 Step. Choose your own option, change it anytime.
  16. Get the correct Vimshottari Dasa Bhukti Anthra fructifying the events/results with the software giving you the correct time range for the results to happen. FIRST TIME EVER ANY SOFTWARE DOING THIS.
  17. Manual and DBA Finding Module to find the correct dates of the event with Six Level Multilayered choices. Predict like KSK Guruji !! FIRST TIME EVER ANY SOFTWARE DOING THIS.
  18. Transit Hit Engine to find hit list of dates when the event is likely to happen USING 11 UNIQUE VARIABLES of your choice. Software uses AI and will intelligently find the overall SIMULTANEOUS culmination of the transit rules and return the best and most likely dates of the chosen event. FIRST TIME EVER ANY SOFTWARE DOING THIS.
  19. AstroDatabank original 60000+ charts with full details built into the software for search and doing real astrology research without internet connection or visit to any website. Now freely do any search and research on anything of astrology that you wish.

Additional Features

  1. KPDP Marriage matching of Shri Kuppu Ganapathy in the original authentic formula. No personal modifications, no personal theories.
  2. Original Ashtakoot 36 Point Marriage Matching.
  3. Theory of Short Prediction (TSP) by late Pt. Keshav Ranjan Kar
  4. Ayanamsa Finder for a date
  5. Ghati-Vighati Converter
  6. Astrology Reference of KP events
  7. Degree to Sign-Star-Sub and vice versa
  8. Chart Database Search
  9. Import Chart from Jagannath Hora Software
  10. Import Charts from KP Astro Software
  11. Import Charts from Parashara Light Software
  12. Arabic Parts Creator with Planets showing the AP’s Sign-Star-Sub-subsub

New Features of Version 1.1

Ashta Koota, Dasa Koota and KPDP pdf reports added.
2.  Single page pdf report added.
3.  Western chart support in reports added.
4.  Support for color reports added.
5.  Panchang calculations added (Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana).
6.  Beeja Sphuta, Kshetra Sphuta, Santaan Tithi calculations added.
7.  Chart Manager redesigned.
8.  Unsaved chart indication in chart manager added.
9.  Unsaved chart warning when a chart is closed from chart manager added.
10. Arabic parts interface redesigned with search functionality.
11. Fruitful significators are now imported in DBA checker module.
12. Option to filter fruitful significator based on event added.
13. Option to discard negative significator option added to fruitful significators module.
14. In auto and manual transit check, the result dates are made clickable and shows the event 
15. Option to create new horoscope from transit results added.
16. Option to lookup chart from transit results added.
17. Option to edit casting time added.


  • Rotate Lagna to Degree and House enabled for Horary and Time chart.
  • Horary chart data entry form redesigned to improve usability.
  • Menu option to easily update chart notes added.
  • Transit chart style in home screen will be based on the chart type chosen.
  • Shortcut to easily navigate to Home screen added.
  • 250+ new arabic parts added.
  • In arabic parts alternate view, overflow text shown in tool tip.
  • Can import charts with special characters in name.
  • Import chart progress display added.
  • In TSP module, time zone value is modified based on the country selected.
  • User Interface optimized for different screen resolutions.
  • Custom themes is made selectable in theme drop down menu.
  • User defined settings is made selectable in chart data entry screen.
  • File location shown while hovering chart search results.
  • In 4 step view option to customize “Aspected planets display” and “CSL display” added.
  • 4 step view is calculated based on fixed configurations.
  • 4 step view can be selected as default significator table in settings.
  • In manual transit lookup, loading icon is added to show progress.
  • Option to set manual real time in APPM added.
  • Compare chart button interface redesigned.
  • In APPM when selecting a positive house, the corresponding negative house is disabled.
  • Option to temporarily modify real time added.
  • Conjunction setting option added to Manual and Automatic transit in APPM.

New Features of Version 1.2

New Features of Version 1.2

  1. Online license activation support added.
  2. Ruling Planet progression, export to csv and pdf options added.


  1. Four step view fixed aspect 3 deg 20 mins orb configuration added.
  2. Sunrise time, Sunset time, Hora lord, Day lord information added to Panchang.
  3. Option to show/hide recent charts in chart manager added.
  4. Option to change horary chart type during edit added.
  5. Mini birth info details added below dasa to low resolution screens.
  6. Easy options to edit custom Ayanamsa added.
  7. License incorrect notification message added to footer.


  1. Failed to execute script rest issue fixed.
  2. Sign numbers added to North Indian style chart in reports.
  3. Issue in entering degree minutes seconds value in place manager fixed.
  4. Time zone issue in place manager fixed.
  5. Horary chart lagna degree precision issue fixed.
  6. Chart data getting cleared during edit chart issue fixed.
  7. In APPM transit option selection issue fixed.
  8. KPDP item 4 calculation issue fixed.
  9. Marriage matching report bide groom chart interchanged issue fixed.


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