KP System Software Screens

  • lpkpa 4 Step with Dasa
  • lokpa 6 Fold With Dasa Table
  • lokpa Arabic Parts with Special Display
  • lokpa Aspect Table
  • lokpa Basic Screen 1
  • lokpa Birth Chart 4 Fold 1
  • lokpa BTR ROO
  • lokpa DBAS SS
  • lokopa FF Significators
  • lokpa JC Luthra Significator Table
  • lokpa Likun Deloitte campus placement
  • lokpa Opening Page 1
  • lokpa PPM
  • lokpa Transit Date Finder Auto
  • lokpa Transit Date Finder Manual


Furthermore, individuals are being defrauded by cybercriminals on the internet, who are offering pirated versions of LOKPA software. These illicit versions have been reported to contain virus and trojan tools. These are utilized for hacking computer systems and deploying ransomware. Keyloggers are also inserted to monitor financial transactions. Caution is advised.

It should be noted that LOKPA software is exclusively distributed by No other sellers or vendors are authorized to sell our software.

Moreover, our software has been designed and developed in a manner that incorrect license keys or any pirated versions will result in inaccurate AI outcomes.

Why you should never buy pirated software?

Pirated software can be tempting. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff? However, diving into the world of piracy brings several risks.

Firstly, let’s talk legality. Using pirated software is illegal. In fact, you’re stealing someone else’s hard work. As a result, you might end up paying hefty fines if caught. Plus, there’s always the looming threat of jail time in some places.

Moreover, there’s a big risk to your device. Pirated software often hides nasty surprises. For instance, they might come with malware or viruses. Therefore, you’re not just getting a “free” software. Instead, you’re opening your device to potential harm. This malware can steal personal data or even damage your files. Consequently, you might spend more fixing your device than purchasing genuine software.

Additionally, think about the benefits of genuine software. They come with regular updates, keeping your system running smoothly. On the other hand, pirated versions offer no such perks. So, while you might save some money now, you’ll miss out on important features and security updates later.

Furthermore, it’s essential to think about the broader picture. Software creators spend a lot of time and money making these tools. By using pirated versions, we deny them their rightful earnings. In turn, this might discourage them from creating new and better software in the future. It’s a cycle that harms everyone in the end.

Lastly, there’s the ethical angle. Using pirated software is, in simple terms, not right. It’s like enjoying a meal at a restaurant and leaving without paying. It’s unfair to those who put in the effort.

In conclusion, while the allure of pirated software might be strong, the risks and downsides are real. It’s always smarter, safer, and more ethical to stick to genuine software. Always choose the right path. It pays off in the long run.


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