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We have extensively tested our software to ensure its functionality across various computer system environments, and it is free of bugs. It is imperative that you possess a genuine Windows Operating system and Microsoft products. The presence of pirated versions of any software, which may include keygens, patches, or cracks, can pose a risk to your computer system, potentially resulting in data loss and software malfunctions. Therefore, we strongly recommend maintaining a clean system environment before installing our software.

Our support services are exclusively provided through remote assistance and are limited to addressing software functionality issues. Any technical problems related to your Operating system, computer system, or other electrical or electronic issues should be addressed by you through personal initiatives. To access remote assistance, it is essential to have the latest version of Teamviewer software installed on your computer system and an active internet connection that allows us to take remote control of your system and resolve any software issues.

We advise against using pirated versions of any operating system or other software, as this may lead to malfunctions in the LOKPA software.

Please note that all fields below are mandatory.


Technical support for LOKPA software is available exclusively on weekdays, from Monday to Friday, between 10 am and 5 pm IST.

To request technical support, please begin by completing the form provided with all the necessary details.

We will respond to your request via email with a solution within 2 business days, excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

In cases where email communication is insufficient, we may directly contact you by phone to facilitate remote access to your computer system. For this, it is essential that you have a functioning internet connection at your own expense and the free version of Teamviewer software installed on your computer.

Please ensure that all information is provided in English.

We will try to solve your problem by sending your details of solution by email. However, if your problem is not solved, we will then remotely access your computer by Team Viewer. To enable us to do this, you should have a workable Internet connection, and must have installed free version of Team Viewer on your computer system either yourself or through other third party help. Except from Teamviewer, we would not access your computer remotely by any other means.

PLEASE NOTE, there is no facility of onsite technical support for this software.

We HAVE NOT authorized anyone, except ourselves, to provide any technical support.

If it is found by our technical experts that our software has any technical problem, we will work on the technical aspect of the problem and provide you a workable installer as soon as possible. You may have to wait for a few days for this.


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