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Our software has been extensively tested to work under various computer system environments. It is a bug free software. Ensure that you have genuine Windows Operating system and Microsoft products. Having any pirated versions of any software which are having keygen, patches or crack can harm your computer system and lead to data loss. Having such elements in your computer system can also create malfunction with our software. So, we urge you to have a clean system environment before you install our software.

All support is based on remote assistance. We will only provide support for the functioning of the software. Any technical issues with your Operating system, computer system or other electrical or electronic issues should be solved by you on your personal initiatives. To get remote assistance, you must have the latest version of Teamviewer software installed on your computer system and have an active internet connection to your computer for us to take remote control of your system and troubleshoot any software issue.

Please do not use pirated versions of any other operating system or other software as that may cause to malfunction LOKPA software.

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All technical support for LOKPA software is provided between Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm IST only.

Please first fill up the form beside with all the details to avail technical support.

We would get back to you by email with the solution within 2 business days (except Sat and Sun).

If we cannot send you the solution by email, we will directly contact you by phone to take remote access of your computer system. For this, you must have a workable internet connection at your own expense and have the free version of Teamviewer software installed on your computer.

We will try to solve your problem by sending your details of solution by email. However, if your problem is not solved, we will then remotely access your computer by Team Viewer. To enable us to do this, you should have a workable Internet connection and must have installed free version of Team Viewer on your computer system either yourself or through other third party help. Except from Teamviewer, we would not access your computer remotely by any other means.

PLEASE NOTE, there is no facility of onsite technical support for this software.

We HAVE NOT authorized anyone, except ourselves, to provide any technical support.

If it is found by our technical experts that our software has any technical problem, we will work on the technical aspect of the problem and provide you a workable installer as soon as possible. You may have to wait for a few days for this.


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