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LOKPA Software is the brainchild of master KP astrologer Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) which has radically changed the world of Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP System)

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About Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit)

Dr. Andrew Dutta, widely recognized as “Sri Indrajit,” is a highly esteemed Vedic astrologer hailing from India. He has earned a strong reputation as one of the world’s leading KP astrology experts and holds the prestigious title of Jyotisha Mahamahopadhayaya. With an impressive two decades of experience in the field of astrology, Dr. Dutta carries forward a remarkable family legacy in astrology that spans over 220 years.

What sets him apart is his pioneering role as the world’s first global KP system astrologer to offer comprehensive instruction in Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP) astrology through professional-grade video courses. These courses, introduced in 2007, have garnered widespread recognition and trust among clients worldwide.

Dr. Dutta’s deep-rooted connection to astrology stems from his family heritage. Born into a family with a rich astrological lineage, he inherited this profound tradition. His maternal great-grandfather, the late Surendranath Jyotir Vachaspati of Khulna, Bangladesh, passed on this invaluable astrological heritage to his mother, the eminent astrologer late Srimati Deblina (Smt. Ujjwala Dutta) of Kolkata. Astrology was an integral part of his upbringing, with his mother serving as his initial Guru, introducing him to the vast world of astrology. Dr. Dutta further refined his skills through formal training under the guidance of two distinguished Gurus in the field: Jyotiryogi ji (Sri Pramod Ranjan Mahanto) and the late P.V.K. Punneswara Rao ji.

In addition to his astrological expertise, Dr. Dutta holds a PhD in Management and has embarked on a significant academic journey. He served as a Visiting Research Scholar at Bentley University in Massachusetts, USA, during 2004-05, where he developed his doctoral dissertation in management. Successfully defending his thesis in 2007 in India, he gained recognition in the academic realm.

His academic prowess extends to his undergraduate studies, where he achieved top-ranking status in Business Finance at the University of Calcutta. This remarkable achievement earned him a Gold Medal in 1999 for securing First Class with First Rank in his year. Dr. Dutta is also an alumnus of the prestigious St. Xavier’s College in Calcutta, graduating in 1997 with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) degree, achieving distinction as a First Class graduate.

His outstanding academic journey also includes achieving the highest rank in India for the paper ‘Structure of Commerce’ in the ISC 1994 examinations, where he attained an impressive score of 99%. Before embarking on his career in academia and higher education, Dr. Dutta briefly worked in the advertising industry in Calcutta with the former Creative Dimensions (now Take5 Communications). Currently, he serves as a Professor of Human Resource Management in the Indian higher education sector, where he continues to make significant contributions to both astrology and academia.

In May 2018, Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) achieved the distinction of being the first KP astrologer from India to establish a KP Astrology Lab in the United States of America, located in the city of Saylorsburg, PA. Additionally, he founded the inaugural KP astrology organization in the USA, known as the American Society of KP Astrology (A.S.O.K.A).


Furthermore, Bhagya Ratna Gems and Jewellers, based in Kolkata, was originally established in 1997 as the Astrological Gemstone Center. It was owned and managed by the illustrious astrologer of Kolkata, the late Srimati Deblina (1952-2014). The center’s primary mission was to provide 100% pure gemstones to clients seeking to improve their lives.

Today, BRGJ has become a premier enterprise in Kolkata specializing in astrology, gems, and jewelry. It offers meticulously selected astrological gemstones that are not only of the highest quality but also undergo a process of energization and activation to ensure they bring about the desired results for the wearer, in accordance with the gem’s programming.

In addition to its core business activities, BRGJ actively supports the promotion of astrology and related sciences through its Astrology Learning Centre. The center provides financial backing for astrological research projects, video and learning courses, and various other academic endeavors related to astrology. This commitment to education and research complements the center’s regular business operations.


‘Krishnamurti Paddhati’ got its name from the inventor of this technique late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti (1902-1978), who developed this new technique of arriving at predictions. KP is based on the stellar system of prediction and the ‘Sub Lords’ ‘ the invention which crowned Prof. Krishnamurti and his followers with success. The stellar system was initially developed by two friends, Meena I (late R. Gopalakrishna Row) and Meena II (late N.V. Raghava Chary).

Prof. Krishnamurti was a close friend to both of them. In stead of stopping at the stellar level of prediction, Prof. Krishnamurti undertook laborious research for decades and invented a further smaller division of each constellation (star) in the zodiac based on the unequal proportion f the Vimsottari Dasa system. This he named as ‘Sub’ (that is, sub-division of a star). The entire KP technique is based on proper evaluation and application of these Sub Lords.


Many of you are aware that original KP books/readers were published in 2 volumes in 1966 from Sagar Publications  

But many of you may not be aware that the same 2 volumes were later published by Modern Astrological Research Institute, 13 Brahmin Street, Madras 15 in a ‘revised’ edition. In fact, the 2 volumes published by MARI, were under more scrutiny from K. S. Krishnamurti himself, because it was through his own book shop! In fact, in the advertisement on page 26 of Astrology &Athristha (A&A), March 1971 issue you can easily see that the advertisement uses the term “Revised in two Vols”. Note, that the publisher is Mahabala Publishers and Book Sellers, 12 Brahmin Street, Madras 15. So, the MARI edition is a revised version than Sagar 1966 edition. 


Learn authentic and original KP astrology in the pure Guru-Shishya Parampara right in your own home.


Learn authentic and original KP astrology from direct classroom coaching, exam and certificate.



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